Helmet ID

This webpage is designed to illustrate the basics of certain models and manufacturers of German helmets. It will help you determine the type of helmet and which branch of service in which it may have been used. Next step will be to identify the manufacturer and size of the helmet shell. There were 5 different helmet manufacturing facilities. Immediately after the manufacturing code a 2 digit size will be stamped in the steel which will be the size of the shell in centimeters. These stamps are mostly found on the interior left side just above the rim. Later production helmets had the stampings on the rear of the flange. There will also be another set of stampings on the rear flange which designates the lot number.

helmets will have a rolled edge as depicted in Fig. 1. The air vents were designed by pressing a grommet together in the the hole to form an air vent. Sometimes it can be noticeable. Sometimes not if the helmet has a coat of reissue paint or camouflage applied on the exterior that may make it harder to distinguish.


M35 ET64 Heer




M35 Outer Air Vent


M35 Inner Air Vent



M40 helmets will also have a rolled over edge same as the M35. However, the air vents are punched out of the helmet shell eliminating the grommets which were used on the M35



M40 ET64 Heer


Outer Air Vent


Inner Air Vent



M42 helmets will have a raw or unrolled outer edge as depicted in Fig. 2. The rolled edge was an eliminated step on the M42 to increase productivity during the height of the war. The air vents will be similar to the M40 as being punched out of the helmet shell.



M42 ckl64 SS


Fig. 2



Shell Maker & Sizes


makers ET (& ckl)=Eisenhuttenwerke, Thale

EF=Emaillerwerke, Fulda

NS=Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte

SE (& hkp)=Sachsische Emillier u. Stanwerke, Lauter

Q= Quist, Esslingen





m35-et64-heer-aM35 ET64 Heer
m40-q64-heerM40 Q64 Heer
m35-et64-police-aM35 ET64 Police (Unbordered)
m42-ef66-police-aM42 EF66 Police (Bordered)
m35-et64-ssM35 ET64 SS
m42-ef66-ssM42 EF66 SS
m35-et64-police-bM35 ET64 Police (Party Decal)
m42-ef66-police-bM42 EF66 Police (Party Decal)
m35-et64-lw-aM35 ET64 Luftwaffe (Drooptail)
et60-lw-bM35 ET60 Luftwaffe
m35-et64-heer-bM35 ET64 Heer (National Decal)


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